ALTERFOR uses advanced decision support systems (DSSs) to analyse the implications of alternative forest management models (FMM) in the sense of silvicultural concepts and strategies. The computations are based on the forest’s status quo in each of the ten case study areas (CSAs) in the project extending from a couple of thousand hectares to more than half a million hectares. Projections for a period of hundred years are made where the growth of forests and the provision of ecosystem services are projected following the prescriptions of alternative FMM under different climate and market scenarios. The complexity and uncertainty make it necessary to review the most critical assumptions that support the projections. This was discussed at the LandMan conference arranged by the Czech University of Life Sciences 17-19 September 2018.

Experts on remote sensing, silviculture, forest planning, and forest policy were present at sessions where model details and relevance were scrutinized. The general impression is that the DSS have been successfully upgraded to take account of changing market conditions and climate change effects on growth and yield. Still, much research would be needed to verify that the response to climate change is fully predicted. A positive signal from the review is that ALTERFOR projections appear to have high policy relevance. The ALTERFOR project incorporates stakeholder workshops in each CSA where alternative FMM are developed and ecosystem services outcomes are discussed. These workshops seem to be a real chance that new forest management principles make inroads into the national policy processes. 

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