Second Portuguese Stakeholder Workshop

, Porto, Portugal

The second Portuguese stakeholder workshop took place on the Portuguese Catholic University in Porto on November 6, 2018, about 50 km from the case study area “Vale do Sousa”.

The main goal of the event was to elicit from stakeholders preferences regarding target values for the ecosystem services in the CSA. The ALTERFOR research team presented comprehensive information to support this elicitation, including:

  • Stakeholders´ preferred decision criteria (based on interviews, a workshop and questionnaires)
  • Methodologies to estimate ecosystem services’ values
  • Trade-off between ecosystem services (displayed in Pareto frontiers produced by an advanced decision support module).

See information sheet in Portuguese

The participating stakeholders (e.g. representatives of forest owners, public administrations, market actors or NGOs) worked in both homogeneous and heterogeneous groups. The main result of the decidedly successful event was a desired basket of ecosystem services at the landscape level. Another important outcome was the corresponding landscape mosaic of stand level FMMs in the case study area.

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