Professor in forest planning, Faculty of Forest Sciences SLU

Applications are invited for the post of Professor in forest planning at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Center, Faculty of Forest Sciences, SLU.

The subject area for the professor is forest planning. Scientifically, forest planning constitutes a framework for integrating information and methods at diferent levels and from diferent fields in order to give support for decisions regarding the use and management of forests. The subject area profile includes decision processes in and decision support for the forestry of diferent forest owner categories, the non-industrial private forestry (“family forestry”) in particular. It also addresses the forest policy dimension and the societal concerns regarding the utilisation of forests for diferent forest goods and services, i.e. timber as well as environmental goods and other ecosystem services. The analyses concern the small-scale estate level as well as the largescale landscape level. Also, the analyses aspects of societal development and forest policy that are relevant for forest planning and include use of methods for weighing among (giving priorities to) diferent forest interests and for management of risk and uncertainty.

Application deadline: 2019-01-10

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