Deliverables in Work Package 4

ALTERFOR explores the potential to optimise forest management models currently in use in different forested areas in European countries. For this reason, the research partners in the participating countries have studied the stakeholders´ interests in the case study areas and their power resources. The case studies show that forest management challenges in the 21st century might require new and adapted forest management models, which optimize the ecosystem service basket provided by forests. Especially the challenges resulting from climate change and the increasing importance of renewable energy sources provided by forests impact forest management in the many of the case study areas. In several cases, catastrophic events (like forest fires or windfalls), related to climate change, constitute a major threat.
This report takes a close look at the knowledge transfer activities in the different CSA that were undertaken in the course of the project. It investigates the capacity of particular local and national actors and their networks to elicit political support for enabling the implementation of FMM alternatives.
The report investigates which actors at European and international level could influence the implementation of alternative forest management models in Europe that have been developed and examined within ALTERFOR WP1 and WP3. The study examines which actors at European and international level are interested in forest management and ecosystem services provided by forests in Europe, which other interests those actors have particularly; and which power resources the actors possess to impact forest management changes in Europe. The report also addresses the discussion about the development of a common forest policy in the EU because also common EU forest policy could foster the implementation of new, alternative forest management models within the member states.
Forest Management Models (FMMs) describe different management practices existing in the European forests that can be optimized with the aim of delivering a specific bundle of Ecosystem Services. The Road Map provides information on how the FMMs approach can be applied to particular forest areas. It shows options for designing FMMs on different levels, from stand over the landscape to the European, offering a checklist for tailoring successful strategies of forest management.
This report is a summary of the preparation and implementation of the first ALTERFOR stakeholder workshop in the Swedish Case Study Area (CSA), that was organized in Kronoberg County on the 8th of May 2018. The workshop addressed County Administrative Board’s (CAB’s) ongoing work with the project “green infrastructure” and related strategies to promote the nature values of the production forest in the CSA. 
This report is a summary of the preparation and implementation of the second ALTERFOR stakeholder workshop in the Swedish Case Study Area (CSA), which was organized in Växjö on the 3rd of October 2018. The workshop addressed wood production, and more specifically how the climate change mitigation capacity of the forests in the CSA can be increased by implementing measures to increase production.