Deliverables in Work Package 5

This policy brief presents a selection of findings on the current challenges to European forests and desirable silvicultural alternatives for meeting those challenges. It starts by recapping findings from three selected ALTERFOR countries – Portugal, Slovakia and the Netherlands – to exemplify the main silvicultural challenges, options and implementation hurdles. Policy implications are then derived from the comprehensive data set acquired by ALTERFOR.
The research project ALTERFOR explores the potential to optimise forest management models currently in use in different forested areas in European countries. For this reason, the interests of stakeholders in the Case Study Areas and their power resources have been studied. To gain new insight on forest stakeholders’ power resources and interests in forest ecosystem services, researchers conducted a stakeholder analysis by interviewing different stakeholders from public, private and civil society, and by reading relevant literature.
This information sheet (in Portuguese) was developed by the ALTERFOR research team to support the interaction with local actors within the second wokshop in Porto. The main goal of the event was to elicit from stakeholders preferences regarding target values for the ecosystem services in the CSA.
This deliverable comprises information both in English and national languages for the stakeholders in ALTERFOR countries, focusing on how they can benefit from the results produced in the project. The provided practice abstracts are based on the results resulting from the research activities (especially the modelling tasks) and also consider the contributions and assessments of key stakeholders captured during the stakeholder workshops in WP4. 
This excursion guide introduces the ALTERFOR demonstration site for the forest management models „Production Forest“ and „Set Aside“ in the German case study area.