Deliverables in Work Package 3

This document sets out the (minimum) standard for the DSSs used in the ALTERFOR project. The standard relates to the capabilities of the DSSs of incorporating the following aspects: 
  • Variable timber and biomass pricing
  • Climate change impact modelling
  • Forest owner behaviour modelling
  • Spatial specificity
  • Ecosystem services modelling
This document consists of three main parts. The first part provides a cross-country overview of selected important DSS output variables and their projected development under current FMMs over 100 years. This part is intended to allow readers to get familiar with the basic information which was used by the LCCs and ES experts for producing their assessments. These assessments are presented in the second part to the full extent. In the third part, the authors come to a synthesis taking on the title of this paper, asking for potential discrepancies between ES needs and ES outputs under current FMMs.
This document presents an overview over the central topics of the ALTERFOR workshop arranged by WP3 at the IUFRO LandMan conference in Prague organised by the Czech University of Life Sciences 17-19 September 2018. 
This document gives a synthesis of the projected provision of key ecosystem services (ES) under new, alternative forest management models (aFMM) in all case study areas (CSAs) of the project.